Are you a business owner, C-level executive responsible for IT or an IT professional that wants answers to the following questions?

  • Is my network secure from hackers?
  • Do my employees have access to stuff they shouldn’t?
  • What IT assets do we have?  Are they the right things to have?
  • Is my network ready to be upgraded for VoIP or the cloud?
  • Are there things to make my network faster?  Is my network optimized for speed?
  • Is my IT guy ensuring my network is fast, secure and available?

Claim your FREE, no obligation technology assessment from NorthStar today.  We will help you answer all of these questions and more.


The network and security assessment provides broad insight into the health of your IT environment.  We deliver the following reports:

  • NAClientRiskClient Risk Summary Report — The report presents a summary of your overall risk score based on our scan, along with simple charts to show the problem areas.
  • Full Network Assessment Report –  Our scan will pull out literally hundreds of pages of end-user network activity and configuration data. The Full Network Assessment Report includes every detail, presented in line-item fashion in an editable report document. The report is organized by section with a table of contents to help you locate the specific findings of interest, and problem areas are conveniently highlighted in red, making it easy to spot individual problems to be rectified.
  • Asset Detail Report –  For each network scan, this report provides detailed information on each of the individual assets discovered by Network Detective. The report is ideal for cataloging and documenting the complete settings and configurations for individual workstations and servers.
  • NASiteDiagramNetwork Site Diagram – The schematic shows the basic network structure, with convenient drill downs into each group of like workstations. Each device is annotated with important identifying configuration information and is color-coded based on its status.
  • External Vulnerabilities Summary Report – Select the range of IP addresses you want tested, and the Network Detective will attempt to access the network from our external servers. For each IP address, we provide you with a summary of any security holes as well as any warnings generated by the system.

Our Microsoft Exchange assessment provides a comprehensive assessment of most implementations including Office365, Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010.  Whether you are looking to upgrade, migrate to cloud services or simply to improve your documentation, our Exchange assessment is the answer.  We deliver the following reports:

  • SAOutbound EARiskExchange Risk Report –  This report provides a polished overview of any issues identified in the more detailed reports. Corresponding charts and graphs clearly communicate issues and serve as a graphical aide to help suggest remedial steps.
  • Traffic and Use Report — shows you the status of all mailboxes – their size limits, percentage used, and percentage free. This report is extremely useful when planning a migration or for growth planning to ensure that systems will continue to run without interruption.
  • Mobile Device Report — provides a detailed listing of every mobile device used by employees to access their organization’s mailbox. The report indicates the names and specific types of mobile devices that are accessing the Exchange server, as well as the operating systems and even the number of folders that are being updated.
  • Mailbox Detail Report — gives you a mailbox-by-mailbox catalog of information, including everything from mailbox display name to quotas to a listing of folders/sizes for each mailbox (and more).
  • Distribution Lists and Public Folders Report — identifies and lists all distribution groups as well as which end-users or other groups are to receive any emails.
  • Mailbox Permissions Report — will identify on a mailbox-by-mailbox basis which groups or which individuals have access to the mailbox and at what level.
  • Mailbox Permissions by User Report — inverts the information to show you on a user-by-user basis which users have access to which mailboxes. This report is a great way to document individual access rights.

There are too many ways that a network can be compromised to leave it to chance that nothing wrong is going on “behind the scenes”. Key issues:

  • Email-based viruses getting through unprotected mailboxes
  • Worms, viruses and malware infiltrating outbound port/protocol access, backdoors, and “command and control”
  • Trojan applications and phishing schemes

In addition to the potential damage to networks and data, there are other critical business reasons to be tracking and documenting key network security attributes::

  • Employee productivity – wasted by accessing Facebook, ESPN, shopping, porn sites
  • Bandwidth abuse that can be slowing down critical business applications
  • Downloading of pirated software
  • Loss of proprietary business data and information from the inside

We deliver the following reports as part of our assessment:

  • SASecurityRiskSecurity Risk Report. This executive-level report includes a proprietary Security Risk Score along with summary charts, graphs and an explanation of the risks found in the security scans.
  • Security Assessment Report. A detailed review of the security policies that are in place on both a domain wide and local machine basis.
  • Shared Permission Report. Comprehensive lists of all network “shares” by computer, detailing which users and groups have access to which devices and files, and what level of access they have.SAVulnerabilityScan
  • User Permissions Report. Organizes permissions by user, showing all shared computers and files to which they have access.
  • Internal Vulnerabilities Report. Highlights deviation from industry standards compared to outbound port and protocol accessibility, lists available wireless networks as part of a wireless security survey, and provides information on Internet content accessibility.
  • SAOutboundExternal Vulnerabilities Full Detail Report. A comprehensive output including security holes, warnings, and informational items that can help you make better network security decisions, plus a full NMap Scan which checks all 65,535 ports and reports which are open. This is an essential item for many standard security compliance reports.

The Network Detective SQL Server Assessment Module is the perfect tool for anyone who is charged with managing and supporting applications running on SQL Server – including SharePoint.

If you are a SQLServer DBA, this module will help you identify threats to, and assess the overall health of, the mission-critical databases on the SQL Server, as well as the server itself. Unlike anything else on the market, the reports from this tool will provide you with the data you need to resolve reported issues, as well as to pro-actively prevent others from occurring.

If you are a non-DBA service tech who is tasked with maintaining and reporting on a SQL Server database, this tool is the perfect way for you to collect all the data you need to determine its overall health. Even if you can’t remediate the issues yourself, you’ll have all the documentation you need to get the aid or advice from a specialized DBA.

  • SQL_HealthRoutine Health Report – shows the health of the SQL Server at a high level. Looks at best practices and compares them to the current state of the database
  • SQL Server Detail Report – documents key settings of the SQL server, including cluster information, DB recovery model, location of critical files, I/O, physical memory, wait types, logins and more
  • Database Detail Report – Deeper dive into each individual database in the SQL server, including properties, missing indices, fragmentation levels and other stats
  • Maintenance Plan Report- A very telling report that reveals which defined maintenance plans have been run, the last run times and results. The report includes the sub-steps taken in the plans
  • SQL Server Agent Jobs Report – This report includes a comprehensive list of all SQL Server agent jobs and their schedules.SQL_Server_Detail
    The Job History highlights which jobs were not successful, and why they are producing errors

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