Simplify Your Compliance and Roadmap Your Improvement. We combine non-invasive IT assessment scanning technology with
on-site surveys and questionnaires to deliver proof of compliance reports and management plans.

HIPAA Assessments

This process automatically collects – and seamlessly integrates – the mountain of network data needed for a comprehensive HIPAA Risk Analysis and combines it with the photos, observations, and supplemental data. All the data is crunched by our HIPAA risk assessment engine, and reports are then automatically generated. We then discuss a management plan with specific objectives for improvement. Follow-up assessments provide proof of improvement in an organized and detailed format.


  • Active vs Inactive user accounts
  • Password Management
  • Administrative Access Controls
  • Audit Controls
  • Person or Entity Authentications
  • Protect against malicious software


The assessment generates many comprehensive reports. Reports include:

HIPAA Management Plan, Computer Indemnification Report, Drive Encryption Report, Evidence of HIPAA Compliance Report, File Scan Report, HIPAA Risk Analysis Report, and HIPAA Policies and Procedures (Beginning framework, you may wish to expand).


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