When disaster strikes we keep your business up and running

How much revenue can your company afford to lose?

  • 72% experienced downtime from system upgrades (50.9 hours)
  • 70% experienced downtime from power outages and failures (11.3 hours)
  • Companies that sustain a computer outage lasting more than 10 days never fully recover
  • 50% are out of business in 5 years.
  • 25% of businesses do not open after a major disaster
  • 70% of all businesses that experience major data LOSS go out of business within 1 year
  • 63% experienced cyber attacks (52.7 hours)

NorthStar offers you the most comprehensive set of cloud-based disaster recovery services available today. Avoid costly downtime for your business, accelerate time to recovery, and minimize the loss of your critical data by replicating your physical and virtual production servers into the NorthStar cloud.




Limited cost, unlimited protection

Once DATA REWIND is deployed in your company, your invaluable data are protected against virus, theft, environmental impact, hardware failure, and accidental deletion, etc. While the cost of investing is limited, the value of critical business data it protects and the potential benefits you can derive from this data are enormous and unlimited. DATA REWIND is a proven solution and a highly useful product on which you can rely to safeguard your business interests and put your mind at ease at the maximum comfort level.

Easy to use and manage

After the initial setup of DATA REWIND’s client-side backup application, backup jobs will be run automatically every day without requiring human effort. Restore operation can be done in just a few clicks when needed. With the integrated web administration console, system administrators can easily manage the accounts of all backup users. DATA REWIND always keeps users and system administrators updated by sending out comprehensive backup reports via email on a daily basis.



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